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About Me


I’m a highly enthusiastic photographer, based in Staffordshire in the the UK. I first started taking photographs at the age of about 10(ish) using my Dads 1970s fully manual SLR – back then I didn’t really understand how the camera worked or how to use it properly, so I tended just to point and shoot. I was bitten by the bug though, although it was another 11 years before I really took photography up properly. I acquired a Canon EOS 350D whilst at university and started from there.

I am almost entirely self taught, mainly through trial and error with much reading of magazines and books thrown into the mix – I have completed various formal courses however, and I have also undertaken training via The Photographer Academy, and it was at one of these courses that I was taught how to develop black and white film. I really enjoyed the greater degree of creativity you feel developing and printing your own film, and I’ve been using a lot of film for personal projects ever since (although most of my work remains digital). I’ve recently started working on colour film as well, with a few new experiments in using film for creative work planned for the future.

My main photographic interests are in nature, heritage, documentary, reportage, event and portrait photography. I’m always looking to learn and expand my knowledge and enjoy trying out new styles, subjects and ideas. I am always very interested in working with other photographers and content creators, so if you're interested in working together on a project please drop me a line!

In addition to my personal projects, I now able to offer reasonably priced, highly flexible and bespoke photography services across the counties of Staffordshire, Shropshire, The West Midlands and Southern Derbyshire. I am available for weddings, events, parties and promotional photography, and I’m happy to work with individuals and businesses alike.

My main kit consists of my trusty Canon EOS 70D and Canon EOS 50D, a well used Canon EOS 5 35mm camera and a 24-105mm Canon L Series standard zoom lens suitable for all three (alongside a 50mm prime macro, a 10-20mm Wide and a 70-300mm telephoto). I also own a number of vintage 35mm and medium format cameras, which see use from time to time. I hope you enjoy my projects, photos and articles! If you’d like to get in touch, ask a question, ask for advice, discuss techniques or enquire about my photography services please do get in touch via the Contact page – I look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Hillman

March 2017